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Why Online CCNP Courses?
Going for Online CCNP courses after CCNAduring the continuation of Cisco Certifications is the most common practice as by doing so you would be able to cover if not all then almost most of the knowledge required to be a successful Network Professional.
  • BSCI (Building Scalable Cisco Internetworks) – Routing
  • BCMSN (Building Cisco Multilayer Switched Networks) – Switching
  • ISCW (Implemented Secured Converged Wide Area Networks) – Security
  • ONT (Optimizing Converged Cisco Networks) – Deals in handling various network technologies and techniques which could be used to make networks more efficient.
BSCI and BCMSN could be combined and a single exam could be given which is called CCNP composite. If you complete Online CCNP courses from one of the top accredited online universities or top accredited online colleges, you would easily be able to handle 100-500 end systems using QoS, Broadband, and VPN with enhanced security features.
Alternatives to Online CCNP Courses
There are certain alternative courses to Online CCNP courses offered by top accredited online universities and top accredited online colleges. These courses may include:
  • CCDP – Cisco Certified Design Professional
  • CCIP – Cisco Certified Internetworking Professional
  • CCSP – Cisco Certified Security Professional
  • CCVP – Cisco Certified Voice Professional
CCDP (Cisco Certified Design Professional) is an advanced network design certification alternative to online CCNP certification. If you choose to go for CCDP from top accredited online universities or top accredited online colleges, you would mainly be tested on your knowledge about Cisco Networking products and the ways to interconnect them efficiently. BSCI and BCMSN are the common courses in CCNP and CCDP and apart from that there is only one more course involved in CCDP which is known as ARCH – Designing Cisco Network Service Architectures. CCNAis a prerequisite.
CCIP (Cisco Certified Internetworking Professional) deals with the end to end protocols used on a large scale. Those protocols include BGP, MPLS, IS-IS etc. CCIP also deals with Quality of Services. Valid CCNA is required.
If you are interested in security side of Cisco then the ideal certification for you is CCSP (Cisco Certified Security Professional). The prerequisites for CCSP are that you first complete either CCNA Security or normal online CCNA certification plus a test called SND (Securing Cisco Network Devices). If you choose to get a CCSP then you would not have to go for online CCNP courses. After completing CCSP from one of the top accredited online universities or top accredited online college you would be able to understand various security threats and their cure using recommended Cisco technologies.
If you have completed CCNA Voice and are fascinated by the workings of VoIP then the suitable option for you is to appear in CCVP training course of one of the top accredited online colleges or top accredited online universities rather than taking online CCNP courses.
Salary Info
If you successfully complete your online CCNP courses or one of the alternative courses then you may get salary between $60,000 to $88,421 per annum.
Top Accredited Online Universities and Top Accredited Online Colleges for Online CCNP Courses
Top accredited online universities and top accredited online colleges offering online CCNP courses are:
  • American InterContinental University
  • Kaplan University
  • Penn Foster Career School
  • Colorado Technical University
  • Westwood College Online
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